If your U7-U9 child (born 2014-2016) is interested in playing on a tournament team during weekends when there aren’t any league games scheduled (such as Columbus Day weekend, Thanksgiving Day weekend, over the winter break, MLK weekend, the February break, Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Father’s Day weekend, possibly a summer league), you’ll need to sign your child up for our tournament teams.

This is EXTRA soccer and does not replace current intramural rosters. It may involve some extra practices with the tournament team if gym/field space and time permits. Over the winter months, the tournament team may practice together inside a school gym (if made available by the school district).

The $30 fee is to cover expenses, such as school gym rental for practices, participation in our own indoor tournament, discounted training sessions, and administrative fees.

Once you’re registered for our tournament team, a volunteer coach will reach out before any of these events and will ask you if you’re interested in playing. You then have the option to play or to pass on this tournament. There will be multiple opportunities throughout the year, and you can play in as many or as few as you’d like.

Each tournament has a team fee that will be divided by the number of players interested in participating that tournament. The volunteer coach usually lays out their own money and then collects from the players. So please only commit if you know your child will play.