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What birthday cut off are you using for teams in the tournament?

We follow the USSF guidelines by using January 1 – December 31 age groups, aka birth year.

Where are the games played?

All 4 games will be played at one of the following locations: West Islip High School, Beach Street Middle School, Udall Road Middle School, Masera Learning Center, St John the Baptist High School, or Amity University gym (Oakdale). The location will be determined during the time of scheduling to accommodate as many requests, such as coaches with multiple teams, as possible. We will make every effort to try to schedule coaches with multiple teams at the same location. However, all schools are very close to each other, and almost all schools are in or around West Islip.

What time will the games be played?

Because scheduling is a complex task with coaching entering multiple teams, and certain time restrictions, we do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible. However, keep in mind they’re requests. If you do have a time restraint, please make sure you enter it in the application (or email us), and we’ll do our utmost best to work with you. If we can’t work it out for you, we’ll issue a refund. Due to the multiple requests, we usually complete our schedules, which will tell you what time the games will be, a few days prior to the tournament.

I’m considering splitting my travel team into 2 teams. What should I be aware of?

  • Splitting your travel team into 2 will give your players more playing time
  • Please indicate whether or not you mind playing against each other (some coaches prefer it, while others want to avoid it). If you don’t mind them playing against each other, keep in mind that you’ll have a very busy session coaching one game after the other. If you want to avoid them playing against each other, we strongly suggest registering the teams for different dates. That will ensure they won’t have to play each other, while it will make coaching them easier. It’s also easier because you might be able to have a few players play on both teams if you’re a little short on players.
  • When registering, you’ll need to set up 2 teams in your account with slightly different names. We suggest using a color after the team name, for example, West Islip Lions Blue & West Islip Lions White.
  • We offer the 2nd team at a discount. Please email the boys or girls coordinator for your promo code.
  • It’s up to you how you divide up your team. If you don’t mind them playing each other, we suggest that you divide them evenly, so that they’ll have an even game.
  • If you want to avoid them playing each other, keep in mind that their placement is dependent on the level of competition of the other teams that registered. We put a lot of effort into placing teams in brackets with the closest parity as possible so that all players enjoy our tournament.
  • If you don’t mind them playing each other, please brush up on the rules, as a player cannot be on 2 different teams in the same session.
  • Keep in mind that we offer fast short games, and it’s not always easy to get a player subbed in such a fast game, so you’ll want to avoid having lots of subs on the sideline.
  • Whenever possible we’ll try to avoid your teams playing each other. However, in some cases where the competition in the other division simply isn’t a match, sometimes it’s better for your split teams to play each other. We take great pride in researching your team’s history and placing teams in divisions accordingly.

When is the registration deadline?

Our application process is based on a rolling registration principle. Once we reach capacity or start scheduling, we will close brackets and implement a waiting list. Should we have a few brackets that need a team to complete it, we reserve the right to consider those teams. To ensure consideration, make sure you register your team ASAP. We recommend no later than 2 weeks prior to the weekend of the tournament. The tournament committee reserves the right to decline a team.

In which bracket will my team be placed?

We look up every team’s record and then rank all the teams in the age group. Based on those rankings we form our brackets.

Can I bring guest players?

You are permitted to bring a maximum of 3 guest players, as long as you can provide proof of date of birth, by either supplying a player pass (US Club or USYSA or other local league) or a birth certificate. All players must be insured by the soccer association they are registered with.

Can my team still play if we haven’t received our player passes yet?

Yes, but make sure you bring a birth certificate for every player whose player pass you don’t have (yet).

What day is registration night for the coaches?

To make it easier on coaches, we’ve eliminated registration night. Instead show up at least 30 minutes prior to (we recommend 1 hour before) your first game to check in your team at the registration table at each venue. Bring your player passes and/or birth certificates along with your team’s roster and medical release forms (which do not need to be notarized). There will be a coaches meeting just prior to the start of your session.

What documentation is required?

Bring your players’ passes and/or birth certificates along with your team’s roster and medical release forms (which do not need to be notarized)

Do you have no header rules for certain age groups?

We adhere to the initiative the USSF issued, and therefore all age groups U11 and under are not permitted to intentionally head the ball. For more information on rules, please check the Rules link on the top of this page.

Is this a patch exchange tournament?

Teams have the option to exchange patches, if they’d like, but it is not required. We suggest that you check with your opposing coach.

What are the referee fees?

Your entry fee includes referee fees.

Can I enter a team with players who are not associated to an official club?

No, as a sanctioned tournament we’re required to make sure that all players are carded with their respective league. You may add up to 3 guest players as long as you can provide player passes or birth certificates for these players as well. Therefore you cannot assemble a team with players who are not associated with a registered team or club.