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Schedules are expected to be posted no later than the Wednesday before the tournament.


  • 4 team brackets last 2:14 hours (3 round-robin games of 15 minutes each plus a playoff game based on standings: #1 plays #2 for the championship, and #3 plays #4 for third place)
  • 5 team brackets last 2:48 hours (4 round-robin games of 15 minutes each)
  • 6 team brackets last 3:28 hours (5 round-robin games of 12 minutes each)
  • 8 team brackets last 4:16 hours (8 team bracket is divided into bracket A (4 teams) and bracket B (4 teams), where each team plays 3 round-robin games plus a cross-over playoff game based on standings (A1 v B1, A2 v B2, A3 v B3, A4 v B4)

The schedule is subject to change. Please check for updates before your session start time.

Coaches will be handed a session schedule with game start times at check-in on the day of the tournament.