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2024 West Islip Soccer Indoor Tournament Rules

A. Teams:

  1. Players may only participate on one team per session.
  2. U7 will play 5 vs 5 (maximum roster: 11)
  3. U8-U12 will play 6 vs 6 (maximum roster: 13)
  4. U13 & older will play 5 v 5 (maximum roster: 11)
  5. U8-U12 teams must have 4 players minimum; U7, U13 & older teams must have 3 players minimum, to start game or it will be deemed a forfeit.
  6. Coaches must bring the following to the tournament:
    1. Completed Roster (including jersey number) – league, online, or handwritten
    2. Medical Release for each player (does not need to be notarized)
    3. Copy of each player’s (digital) league pass or birth certificate 

B. Equipment:

  1. In case of color conflict, home team must change to alternate color. 
  2. Goalie jersey must be a different color than both participating teams
  3. Shin guards, indoor soccer shoes or sneakers are mandatory
  4. Only goalies may wear long pants.
  5. No jewelry, hard headbands, watches, or other objects as deemed unsafe by the referee will be permitted.
  6. Size 25″ futsal ball will be used for all age groups.

C. Rules:

  1. The goalkeeper must put the ball back into play within 6 (six) seconds. Failure to put the ball back into play will result in an indirect kick for delay of game.
  2. Goalkeepers cannot punt nor dropkick the ball.
  3. A throw by the goalkeeper cannot cross the midfield line on the fly. The ball must touch another player before going over the midfield line from a goalkeeper throw or touch a player on the defensive end.
  4. Goalkeeper throws the ball back in play rather than using goal kicks. Opponent must be outside goalkeeper area when goalkeeper distributes the ball.
  5. The goalkeeper area is determined by the 3-point line used in basketball.
  6. If the goalkeeper chooses to put the ball down, it is a LIVE ball and can be challenged by the opponent. The goalkeeper cannot kick the ball over the midfield line on the fly UNLESS the ball has left the goalkeeper area. If the ball leaves the goalkeeper area, the goalkeeper can kick the ball as far and high as he/she wants. BEWARE, this is a LIVE ball.
  7. No throw-ins. If a ball goes over the touchline, a kick-in is taken. 
  8. Kick-ins must move off the touchline before being touched by another player.
  9. All kick-ins are indirect.
  10. All free kicks will be indirect except for major fouls occurring inside the goalkeeper area, as these will result in a direct kick (penalty kick). During penalty kicks, all players must remain outside the goalkeeper area until the ball is touched by the player who takes the penalty kick.
  11. There will be NO offsides infractions during play.
  12. Substitutions can be made “on the fly” (no referee permission required).
  13. The start of the buzzer effectively ends the game; there is no continuation or ball in flight at the buzzer.
  14. Anytime the ball hits the ceiling or other obstruction, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the midfield line.
  15. Defenders must allow 5 feet on kickoffs, free kicks, kick-ins, and corner kicks.
  16. The game can not end with a major penalty.
  17. If a playoff game ends in a tie, only the championship game will be decided by sudden death penalty kicks.
  18. No slide tackles.
  19. No heading (for all ages).
  20. Stalling for time may result in the referee blowing the whistle and turning over the ball to the other team (referee’s discretion).

D. Conduct:

  1. All decisions made by tournament referees or tournament officials are final.
  2. If a player is ejected from a game, he/she will be eliminated from the entire tournament and the team must play short one player for the rest of that game.
  3. Game rules will be in accordance with FIFA and ENYYSA.
  4. Any coach, spectator, or player who is participating or non-participating is subject to ejection from the tournament for any conduct deemed unsportsmanlike by the tournament’s officials.
  5. There will be NO FOOD OR DRINK outside of the cafeteria.
  6. There will be NO SMOKING in the building.
  7. NO BALL PLAYING outside of the gyms.
  8. The decisions of the referees and tournament officials will be final and binding. There will not be any arbitration.
  9. Each team participating in the tournament will do so at its own risk and agree to accept responsibility for any injury.

E. Standings & Scoring:

  1. The highest number of goals scored will decide each game.
  2. Scoring will be
    1. 3 points for a win if goal difference is 0-5 goals, or
      2 points for a win if goal difference is 6 or more goals,  
    2. 1 point for a tie, 
    3. 0 points for a loss.
  3. There will be a 5-goal differential rule. Running up the scores will not be tolerated. In the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship, we encourage teams not to run up the scores and keep within a 5 goal differential.
  4. A maximum goal differential of 3 goals per game will be considered. Example: team A scores 4 and team B scores 1. Team A is awarded a goal differential of three (3) goals. If Team A scores 6 and team B scores 1, team A is STILL awarded the goal differential of (3) three (and team B is awarded a goal differential of -3). There is no benefit to running up the score!
  5. In the event of a tie, the following tiebreakers will apply:
    1. Head-to-head: if more than 2 teams are tied, this tiebreaker will be skipped, but used after tie-breaker narrows it down to two teams; 
    2. Most wins; 
    3. Fewest goals allowed; 
    4. Best goal differential (max of 3 per game); 
    5. Most shutouts; 
    6. Penalty kick shootout: each team takes 1 penalty kick, alternating until there is a winner. 

F. Cancellation & Refund Policy:

  1. Cancellations due to inclement weather or acts of God will be announced on this website.
  3. In this event of inclement weather or any other “Act of God,” which would prevent the continuation of the games, the tournament will be canceled.
  4. Partial refunds may only be paid to a team at the explicit discretion of the tournament committee. 
  5. Full refunds will be given to any team if they request a refund at least 2 weeks prior to the event. A $75.00 administration fee will be subtracted from our tournament fee if you withdraw from the tournament.