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West Islip Soccer Club presents its 41st annual
(since 1982)
2023 Adam Novellano Memorial Tournament
Jan 28, 29, Feb 4, 5, 11

We’ve sold out the last few times. Don’t wait to apply!

Only $295 per Team

plus $10 software fee (charged by GotSport)


  • teams from clubs with 5 or more teams participating will receive $25 off per team when we charge the card
  • teams from clubs with 10 or more teams participating will receive $50 off per team when we charge the card
  • travel teams splitting in 2 will count as 2 teams from that club (we strongly recommend that if splitting a travel team in 2 to have one half of your team play one date and the other half play another date as we’ll be better able to accommodate you, plus it’ll make coaching them easier)

Date of Play

  • We offer teams a choice of dates because we realize that not every team is available on one specific date as they might have previous commitments. It also allows coaches with multiple teams to attend game of both teams. Furthermore, it gives teams an opportunity to participate more than once in our tournament (discount available; contact us)
  • Last time over 400 teams applied for this tournament, but due to space and time constrictions we were not able to accept all applicants. To avoid getting locked out, apply early. 
  • One-Day Format
  • Your team chooses on which day you decide to play (you’ll indicate it on your application)
  • Your team will play all games on one day and all your games will be at the same location, which will be posted a few days prior to the weekend you’re expected to play
  • Boys play (your choice):
    • Sun Jan 29 (U7-U13) 
    • Sat Feb 4 (U7-U15)
    • Sat Feb 11  (U9, U10, U11 only) – apply here
  • Girls play (your choice):
    • Sat Jan 28 (U7-U13)
    • Sun Feb 5 (U7-U15)
    • Sat Feb 11 (U9, U10, U11 only) – apply here
  • Dates of Play:

Time of Play

  • If your team is already participating in a league game and you know the time of that game, please make sure you indicate that on the application (along with location). If we are unable to fit you in, we’ll issue you a refund.
  • We will try our very hardest to accommodate time requests (such as early morning, or late afternoon/early evening), but keep in mind that they are requests. The fewer restrictions you provide, the better we can match you with the right level of competition.
  • Session start times will be posted online a few days prior to the tournament. Game schedules will be provided to the coach at check-in about 45 minutes prior to the session.


  • U7 – U15 age groups
  • Intramural, interleague & travel brackets whenever possible
  • U7 play 5v5 (incl goalkeeper)
  • U8-U12 play 6v6 (incl goalkeeper)
  • U13-U15 plays 5v5 (incl goalkeeper)
  • USSF certified referees (2 referees for U14 & older)
  • Minimum of 4 games (12-15 minutes each)
    • 4-team sessions play 4 games of 15 minutes each (3 round robin & 1 championship or third place game)
    • 5-team sessions play 4 round robin games of 15 minutes each 
    • 6-team sessions play 5 round robin games of 12 minutes each
    • 8-team sessions are divided into 2 brackets, where each team plays 4 games (3 round robin and 1 crossover game based on standings after the 3 round robin games)
  • Games played on hardwood gym floor surface (futsal format; so NO outdoor cleats)
  • All gyms are located in or near West Islip
  • Trophies and awards for ALL intramural players immediately following the session
  • Trophies for 1st & 2nd place for travel players
  • Awards for best goalkeeper, defender, striker, MVP for each session
  • Lion Heart award for one player per team in all sessions
  • Great service; we will work to ensure your team plays at the right level
  • Full food concessions (bagels, muffins, cereal, pizza, chicken fingers, heroes, hot dogs, hot pretzels, soup, candy, refreshments)


  • Boys Coorinator: Tricia Greene
    • 516-238-4419
  • Girls Coordinator: Chris Elsesser
    • 631-559-0159

Our indoor tournament is named in memory of Adam Novellano. 

For more than 40 years the idea of this tournament has been:
great competition, friendships, and lots of fun.

Over 400 teams applied to this tournament last time

Come bring your teams and enjoy the fun.
We look forward to seeing you at our tournament this year!!!


West Islip intramural players interested in participating should register here to play on an intramural tournament team.Apply to U9-U11 Tournament on Sat Feb 11

Last time almost all brackets were full before the deadline (which is 2 weeks before the tournament date), due to space & time limitations, so we urge you to apply early.

  • If your team is interested in participating, but you haven’t applied yet, and while applying you notice that the bracket is full, we strongly suggest that you apply for the WAITLIST. Once we determine that we can accept more teams in the bracket, we’ll contact the teams that have applied for the waitlist. You will not need to pay to be on the waitlist. If we find room in the bracket, you’ll receive an email to complete application and only then you’ll be asked to pay.
  • If you have other commitments on the day of play, please indicate that in the other commitments section of your application, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you.
  • You can manage your team (including payment & editing/printing rosters) online.
  • To edit your roster, login, and follow these instructions:
  • When splitting up your travel team, please remember that both teams need to be named slightly differently, such as West Islip Lions Blue and West Islip Lions White, in order to register them.


  • All payment info must be made provided by entering a debit or credit card at time of application
  • If your team is one of multiple teams from your club applying for this tournament, we will automatically adjust your payment to reflect the multi-team discount
  • All payments must be made by the application deadline to be considered
  • Payments will be charged to the card once you’re team is accepted, which typically happens after the application deadline when we’re ready to start scheduling (about 10 days before the event).


Bring the following 3 items the day of the tournament and check-in about 45 minutes (minimum of 30 minutes) prior to your session start time:

  1. Two (2) copies of your roster (make sure jersey numbers are listed as we use them to determine MVPs), which can be one of these 3 options:
    1. official league roster, or
    2. fill out this blank roster form, or
    3. print GotSport roster
  2. Player passes for each player (or birth certificates if you don’t have player passes)
  3. Medical Release Forms for each player (do not need to be notarized; may use ones you use throughout the year as long as they’re up to date)

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