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  • Program for players born 2019-2020
  • 6 Weekly sessions of 45 minutes
  • April-May (Spring) or Sep-Nov (Fall)
  • Learn through fun games
  • Skilled coaching staff
  • Low player-to-coach ratio
  • Weekly practice sessions
  • Maximum repetition
  • Teaches basic soccer skills
  • Develop strength, coordination, listening skills, teamwork
  • Register separately for each season (Fall, Spring)
  1. Children born in or before 2018 are eligible to play in our intramural program. You can register for the intramural program here.
  2. Children born in 2019 or 2020 are eligible to participate in the Mini Kickers program. You can register for Mini Kickers here.
  3. Mini Kickers need to be registered per season (while intramural players are signed up for the entire year), so if your child signed up for the fall season of Mini Kickers and you want your child to participate in the spring season of Mini Kickers, you will need to register separately for the spring season of Mini Kickers.
  4. Available session times:
    Saturdays at 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 11:00 AM
    Sundays at 9:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM

Spring 2023 dates:

Session9, 10, 11 AM9, 11:30, 12:30
1Apr 1Apr 2
2Apr 22Apr 23
3Apr 29Apr 30
4May 6May 7
5May 13May 14
6May 20May 21




Mini Kickers is a NEW and EXCITING PROGRAM focusing on the development of children born in 2019 & 2020.  Our soccer experts and child development professionals have designed an innovative curriculum that introduces your young soccer stars to the basic skills needed in soccer as well as developing their motor, social, and psychological skills.  

Our coaches are experts at working with young children and will combine soccer with fun games; they’ll keep your children entertained and enthused to return next week.  Come join our program!

Our Mini Kickers program will bring numerous benefits to the children participating in the program. A few of our program highlights are listed below:

  • Qualified Professional Coaches (Ratio 1:12) with an abundance of experience working with young children and the knowledge of how to make it fun!
  • Innovative curriculum designed by education professionals and child psychologists that focus on the key factors of child development
  • Player package that includes:
    • Custom designed Mini Kickers shirt
    • Mini Kickers size 3 ball


Simply put we have the best coaches in North America! Through our extensive coaching network, applicants go through a detailed Recruitment Process including interviews, coaching sessions, personality tests, and background checks before they are selected to work in our program and based on their performance evaluations ONLY THE BEST are selected to work in the MINI KICKERS program

    • Our staff is professionally trained & qualified, and holds Coaching Certifications. On top of their coaching qualifications are staff is up to date with the current First Aid procedures, Child Safety / Safe Haven courses, Nutritional Guidelines, and Injury Prevention.
    • Learn from our staff who live and breathe the game. Many of our staff have played at grass roots up to the professional levels and have many years experience playing and coaching!
    • Not only are our staff top soccer coaches but we also evaluate our coaches abilities to be a leader and a role model to the children they coach. Each of our coaches must complete an in-depth personality test before any employment in your community.
    • All our staff are further educated in our Academy Coaching Curriculum and we also continually evaluate and train our coaching staff so that our staff is always up to date with the latest coaching trends, techniques, and procedures.
    • Throughout the recruitment process our staff go through in depth assessments, background checks, and visa processing to guarantee we select ONLY THE BEST!