Introducing… NLSA

LONG ISLAND’S new premiere destination for Soccer Development and competition.
NLSA (formerly MPR Soccer Training) is a multifaceted training organization that provides a comprehensive set of resources to provide the best in class soccer experiences. NLSA is not just here to serve the community, but to help build communities, promote overall wellness and encourage sportsmanship through our developmental programs. We “develop to win” both on and off the pitch.  We have been training our amazing long island youth soccer programs for over a decade. 

If you have the desire to continue to grow, learn, and develop as an club, team, or individual then NLSA training is right for you.  See for yourself, take a look. We take pride in our knowledge, experience  and passion that is the game we have all come to know and love, SOCCER…

It is for that reason why we love to play, coach and train our future stars servicing clubs and individuals all over Long Island.  Search our site,, for more information and our personal mission statement.

NLSA ( formerly MPR Soccer Training )  is staffed by talented players who have excelled at club, scholastic, collegiate and professional stages of soccer.  Former local and foreign student-athletes who have the experience, knowledge and skillsets who know what it takes to succeed both on and off the field in order to achieve his or her goals.  We know Long Island, We are Long Island AND have offered numerous services to clubs all throughout the Island and beyond.  

Click on all the links at the site and have fun doing your research.  Feel free to contact us at any time with any questions, inquiries or needed advice. Click here to see the latest NLSA news and we encourage everyone to do your research, ask around and find the right situation for your club, team, small group and or individual training.

The program will offer 2 training sessions and a game, all coaches by a paid trainer.