Apply to be a coach of your child’s team.

This program only applies to intramural teams (children born 2014-2019).

During the application, you’ll be asked what age group your child is.

If interested in coaching with someone else, be sure to mention that in the application, and have the other person apply to coach as well. Please indicate who will be the head coach and who will be the assistant coach. There can only be one head coach and one assistant coach in our intramural program, which guarantees that the children of both the head coach and the assistant coach will be on the same team.

U7 through U9/10 coaches must have applied to coach before the draft to ensure both coaches’ children will be placed on the same team. All other players will be drafted to keep the competition fair. All coaches who applied before the U7-U9/10 draft will receive a coach’s shirt.

If selected to coach, you’ll be notified when you can pick up your coach’s shirt, ball, cones, and pinnies. This will be during an evening just before the season starts.