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Board Members

Please remember that all Board Members and Coordinators are VOLUNTEERS. When calling or leaving messages please be respectful to them and their families.

To email someone, simply click on their name.

Board members for 2022/23 season:

PresidentMichael Lombardi631-482-7649
Registrar & 1st Vice PresidentJoe Tobia631-831-8839
Scheduler & 2nd Vice PresidentEd Jablonski631-871-2792
TreasurerMichael Rizzi516-662-8652
Advertising & Public RelationsLori Meyers631-245-0003
Director of Referees Sara McGuire631-495-9753
Recording SecretaryAnthony Patricola631-721-6503
Coaches DevelopmentChris Walshe631-848-9130
Correspondence SecretaryLee Berg631-662-5092
Uniforms CoordinatorMike Landri631-587-2452
President EmeritusGary Kofski631-234-7300
Director of CoachesMike Reilly631-729-1740
Field MaintenanceJeff Berger631-455-0522
Tournament CoordinatorChris Behan516-369-3793
Age Group CoordinatorsNamePhone
Mini Kickers (born 2019-2020)Mike Reilly631-729-1740
U5 (born 2018)Josh Blumberg516-770-2386
Boys U6 (born 2017)Tricia Greene516-238-4419
Boys U7 (born 2016)Mike Gallagher631-445-0467
Boys U8 (born 2015)Mike Gallagher631-445-0467
Boys U9-10 (born 2013-2014)Greg Ulrich631-901-3522
Girls U6 (born 2017)Tricia Greene516-238-4419
Girls U7 (born 2016)Paul Delgado631-617-8463
Girls U8 (born 2015)Paul Delgado631-617-8463
Girls U9-10 (born 2013-2014)Chris Elsesser631-559-0159
Travel U10+ (born 2004-2013)Rob Grimaldi631-457-9705
System Admin & Travel AssistantRick de Vries631-815-6789
Interleague U11+ (born 2004-2012)Javier Enciso631-383-0406
U9 Academy (born 2014)Mike Reilly631-729-1740
High Flyers (special needs)Ron Maginness631-617-0585

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